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Feng Shuiing Your Refrigerator

Thousands of years ago, when Feng Shui was devised, refrigerators were nonexistent. People kept things cold in the snow or in the coolness of caves. Back then, Feng Shui focused on keeping a stove clean; the stove was the clan’s wealth. But today, because of modern technology, a refrigerator plays a significant roll in daily living and Feng Shui. It is just as important as the stove. I believe it signifies your health.

In 1748, the first known artificial refrigeration was discovered. So, only in the last 256 years have refrigerators become the utmost of importance in our society. Refrigerators, as we know them today, with sections for frozen food and chilled food, were introduced and mass-produced by General Electric, back in 1939. In the 1950′s through the ’70′s manufacturers where not far off the mark and Feng Shui correct, when they introduced many different colors for refrigerators. For those of us who remember, turquoise blue and petal pink, avocado green, harvest gold or coppertone, we will be giving away our age. Unless you have a custom made refrigerator, they are usually white, bisque, (an almond color) black, the same wood facade to match the cabinets, or stainless steel. Now, some companies are offering refrigerators, in a variety of colors; panels of color that can be added to the front of the refrigerator for a personal touch.

Some very interesting statistics show what refrigerator shades people prefer:

- Black is purchased in the West, more than in the East.
- Bright or Bold colors speak to younger consumers.
- Nostalgic People like retro colors– soft yellow and petal pink are making a comeback.
- More men than women prefer black or metal finishes.
- White is the most popular color.

When choosing a refrigerator color, get out your compass for the enrichment of directional energy. If you don’t own one, you can purchase a compass in any sporting good store. Using a compass will show the direction your refrigerator is facing. A refrigerator facing east, may be green, or the same wood-facade to match the cabinets in the kitchen — placed in the southwest, black– in the northwest, stainless steel or white–centralized in the home, a yellow or golden tone –and facing northward, black, blue or bisque. If your refrigerator faces south, you better call a custom designer; red or purple is the best color. Hartland Appliances offers a wide variety of primary and pastel colors. And Viking Range Corporation supplies an array of savvy colors, Burgundy, Lemonade, Mint Julep, Cobalt Blue and Eggplant, to name a few. Appliances with designer colors can add beauty to a kitchen, as well as enhancement Feng-Shui-wise. When designing the kitchen, never place a stove or refrigerator next to each other; the water element of the refrigerator diminishes the fire element of the stove.

Choosing a refrigerator synonymous with compass colors, for a specific direction, will enhance your fridge’s energy, in the space where it is placed. Many families have two refrigerators or more. Some are housed in the garage or other areas of the home, including laundry rooms and basements. Colors will certainly enhance a specific energy to a specific space. But by far, the most important criterion is the cleanliness of your refrigerator. You bathe daily, so why not clean your refrigerator more often. It houses the food that sustains your very being. And Feng Shui-wise, it enhances your life.

If you have purchased a used refrigerator or have stored it for a period to time, it is very important to thoroughly clean, not only the inside and outside, but also the racks, shelves, drawers, gaskets and coils as well. Make sure you vacuum the coils on the back and periodically clean the underside as well. To clean a used refrigerator, or one that’s been in storage, use a mixture of equal parts of  bleach and water. Bleach can irritate your hands, so wear gloves when sanitizing. Begin by washing or scrubbing the walls, including the freezer compartment. Next, wipe the shelves, racks and drawers. Be sure to get into the tiny holes and crevices. This will kill any mold or microbes that have set up home, inside your fridge. It’s easier if you place all the extraneous parts in the bathtub and clean them there. After cleaning the parts and the inside, rinse with clear water and wipe with a lint-free, clean cloth.

If an odor remains in the refrigerator, put an open box of baking soda or about pound of activated charcoal in a dish, to absorb smells. Activated charcoal can be purchased in aquarium stores, health and nutrition stores, or online. If you would like to give a sweet scent to your frig, you may add one part lemon or orange peels to one part sea salt. These are all great deodorizers. Place any of these combinations in a small dish, on the middle shelf of your frig. Feng-Shui-wise, this is the central location and the health area. Make sure you remove the baking soda, charcoal, salt and citrus peels on a regular basis, especially the peels. Set up a schedule, or mark your calendar on a set date, to replace them with new deodorizers. The peels should be replaced every week, the rest about every six weeks. When discarding the old peels and salt, or baking soda, they may be placed in your garbage disposal to give it a clean scent.

Always, keep the temperature in the refrigerator at 40 Fahrenheit and your freezer should be set with the proper climate control below 32. Do not over pack your freezer. Mark packages with a date and clean out the freezer on a regular basis, at least every three months. Most frozen food can be kept for that period of time. If any frozen food is freezer-burned, throw it away. After initially cleaning your refrigerator, start a regimen of a once-a-month cleaning. Clean with cup of baking soda to 1 quart of water and 1 tablespoon of lemon. Wipe down the inside to keep the smell in your fridge springtime- fresh and clean. A new refrigerator should also be wiped down before using.

Make sure food in containers is held for no more than three days. See if the produce drawers are clean and vegetables or other items there are crisp and fresh. If food has been sitting out for a period of time, throw it away. Always look in the back of the refrigerator; foods there usually go unnoticed. Basically, keeping your refrigerator clean will keep you from warranting unnecessary health problems. The outside surface of the refrigerator should be wiped regularly. The handles, door and ice dispenser compartment, if there is one, should be sanitized. Glass cleaners work well but on the ice dispenser area, clean with warm soapy water and rinse well. Do not get harsh cleaning products on places that may mix with ice or drinking water.

Notice where the door opens on your refrigerator, is it left or right? Double doors have two directions. This symbolizes east and west; the top is south, the bottom north. Fame can be enhanced, if the top of your fridge is clutter free and clean. Placing chackras there is not a good idea, unless it is done tastefully. Your career can be enhanced, if the bottom or underneath of the refrigerator is dust-bunny-proof. Doors are an eyesore, if they are heavily covered with magnets and papers. Use these items sparingly. Feng Shuiing your refrigerator can be cool, or just as hot as Feng Shuiing your stove. So be happy, healthy and wise, keep your refrigerator Feng Shui, squeaky-clean.

About the Author and Permission

Copyright  2004 by Dolores Kozielski. http://www.fengshuiwrite.com
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